Current Routine and Beauty Products; Oily/Combination Skin

Hey beautiful people. It’s been really quiet around here I know. Your girl has been BUSY but I’m back now. I’m going to go straight to the topic because I’m not about to type this all day. I’ve been using this products for 3months now except curology which is just one month. Initially I got it because winter was approaching and you know how this weather can make your skin dry. At the time I was also having severe breakouts and I didn’t know exactly what induced it. I literally took a break from all products until this baby arrived and I was shit-scared at first but after the first month I started seeing results. Continue reading “Current Routine and Beauty Products; Oily/Combination Skin”


Makeup Removal + Skincare Routine

img_1491Hey guys welcome back to my blog. This topic is one of my most frequently asked questions on social media and I am happy I’m finally having the answers. Over the years my skin has gone from normal to sensitive and blemish prone. Taking off your makeup every night is very important for all skin types and beneficial for blemish prone skin.  Continue reading “Makeup Removal + Skincare Routine”



I have been very reluctant posting topics about relationships because I’m still in the learning process like most of us but there is nothing wrong with sharing  knowledge acquired yea? With that being said, lets get started. A sequel to this post will be updated later so anticipate.

Most of us have been in various relationships from our teenage years. Could have been with a childhood sweetheart, a best friend , a class mate, school mate, or a guy you ran into at a mall and you thought to yourself hmm !, he could be the one. However this happened, emotions were involved. How do you get over somebody that once meant a lot to you and you probably gave everything to without holding back. If you think i’m here to tell you how to heal after a breakup, sorry to disappoint you. The truth is you need to go through this shit to be wise.

Before getting into a relationship, the first and most important thing you should do is sit down and evaluate to avoid regrets and all the negative emotions  that come with breakups. There is no doubt that breakups can bring a subset of negative emotions and resentment. How can he/she bruise your ego and break your heart like that right. Ask yourself ‘I’m I Ready’ ? Now this 3 word sentence is the most difficult question to answer because sometimes your enjoying the attention your getting and the butterflies and the clandestine but deep down you know you are just about to make another gross mistake and you ignore your instincts and go ahead. I talked about evaluating earlier. When you sit down to evaluate your life and past relationships, you get to open your mind to facts you did not think mattered.

I personally discovered this when I decided it was time to stop and re evaluate. The ‘I’m I ready’ question seemed quite easy until I got deep in my thoughts. Hours turned into days and weeks and I still could not wrap my head around it but I got to realize everything I was not doing right.

  • Ask yourself;  I’m I ready to let someone else into my life? This could be very tricky especially if you have a lot going on in your life (not drama). Ask yourself if your ready to open up to this person and if he is the right person to open up to because communication plays a vital role in healthy relationships. Imagine how you would feel telling a person you want to trust your deepest thoughts and you get judged. Its a bad feeling hun.
  • Are you Ready to please him and compromise? Using myself as an example, I like doing what is already personally planned out in my head and if I don’t, I start feeling so uneasy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty for putting people before myself but when it comes to changing my plans to favor and make a guy happy, I’m not so good at that. I get very cranky and stubborn. To cut this short, All i’m trying to say is don’t be me because this things matter. Only very few people can endure this on a long run, after all, there are many fishes in the ocean.
  • Be sure of what it is and what you feel – This is a very common mistake with most of us. Girl!!!, forget about his feelings and all the late night texts when taking this into consideration. Most times we are carried away by the beautiful beginnings and then we realize much later that we do not even like this person enough to maintain a relationship. Be sure of what you feel. Is it love or do you want a fling. Whatever you finally decide, let he/she know. Be Honest. The truth will hurt but at the end it will favor both parties. This way nobody expects too much and you don’t have to worry about hurting nobody.

I could go on and on but we don’t want to read this all day. Most times we ignore important things like this and jump into relationships, enjoy the beautiful beginnings as I would love to call it and before we realize it, things change. When we cannot handle the change(S), people get hurt and enemies are made. Important facts like knowing who you are getting involved with play an important role but that is totally up to you.

We all have time to make mistakes definitely but hopefully after reading this article, we don’t repeat them.

Blogger Recognition Award And The Black Cat Blue Sea Award


I would love to thank Crystal’s site for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award and the Black Cat Blue Sea Award. I can’t help but feel excited, like super excited. I would merge both awards in this post so it’s going to be a combination post.


  1. Tell the story of how your blog began
  2. Give two pieces of advice to other bloggers and upcoming bloggers.


     I never really thought of having a blog initially. I had a Brown Book I did all my writing in and of course my jotters in medical school. Most times when people stumble on some of my write ups, they would tell me ‘You should own a blog’ or I should go to the studio and convert what I’m writing to a song and make some bucks ha ha! I still adored my little brown book so I kept writing in it until July. I was home longer than I expected because I was waiting to be matched for my clinical rotations. I got really bored of my regular activities and I decided it was time to ‘Do the blog thing’. I read a few things on google about blogging and viola, here I am. I still adore my little brown book, it served me well.

My advice to bloggers and most especially upcoming bloggers would be;

  1. Before you start blogging, know your direction and where your headed. If you want to eventually make money from blogging, then you should work towards that. If you want to be an inspirational or photo blogger, then you should also work towards it.

                   THE BLACK CAT BLUE SEA AWARDthe-black-cat-blue-sea-award-badge


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator
  3. Nominate 8 other bloggers
  4. Ask your Nominees 3 questions.

Thank you crystals blog  for nominating me.

Questions from crystals Blog;

  1. What would you like bloggers to do more of that they aren’t doing now? – Honestly, nothing in particular. I think every blogger is doing their best.
  2. Tell us four things about yourself, one of which is not true and see if we can guess….

a)I love Kids

b)I’ Love cats

c)I enjoy cooking lately

d) I’m quite lazy

3. Describe a perfect day that balances all the things you love – A perfect day for me would have to be a totally stress free day with a bit of sunshine and maids available to run my errands and massage my feet while I snack on my favorite show.

Honestly I’m out of people to nominate so this award is open to all my followers. I’m just going to continue the question trend because they are really nice questions and I cannot think of better questions currently. Thank you once again crystals blog I’m really grateful. And to everybody that has supported my blog so far, thank you, I appreciate.