My wash Day Routine For 4c Natural Hair.

Hey guys. So this topic has been long requested and I’m glad I have finally put it up. It’s really going to be simple and straight to the point. Please note that this is only my wash routine. I will make another post on how I deep condition my hair. I decided to divide it into two because it would be too bulky.

As you know it’s winter and this season really makes my hair dry and causes serious breakage. So throughout the winter period I use protective styles to prevent my hair from going through all the damage. My hair is going to be 2 years in June and I’m very impressed with the growth. Without wasting time let’s go into the steps I take when washing my hair

1) PREEPO- I use the Jamaican castor oil for this. I’m totally in love with this oil. I stopped using coconut oil because I noticed it caused severe itching of my scalp and I could not deal with it. I put the Jamaican oil all over my hair and scalp and leave it on for about 30 minutes to one hour. Make sure you wear a shower cap. You can get this oil on amazon.

2)WASH- After an hour I divide my hair into 4 sections and wash with warm water. I use the Cantu shampoo. I have used this product since I started growing my natural hair and I actually want to try other products. Be sure to get updated when I do.

3) CONDITION- Most times I do deep conditioning but I will make a different post for that. For regular conditioning, I use the Cantu rinse out conditioner and massage it into my hair.

4) DETANGLING- With the conditioner still on, I use a big comb to detangle my hair section by section by running my fingers through my hair and combing out with the comb. Be careful, it could hurt.

5)RINSE OUT- After detangling I rinse out with warm water thoroughly. And then Dry with a clean towel. You can leave the towel on till your hair is completely dry. I don’t use heat on my hair so I allow it dry naturally

6) APPLY LEAVE IN CONDITIONER- After my hair is completely dry, I apply Cantu leave in conditioner and massage into my hair. This makes it softer and easier to comb. You could also add oil. After doing this I braid my hair into a few ponytails to retain the moisture.

So guys this is the end of my wash hair routine. It’s quite easy. You could also share your routine in the comment section. Thanks for reading and I hope you try it.


Reflecting And Recalibrating For 2019

Alarm beeps… gosh what is this noise. Twists and turns and stretches to pick up phone. Oh lord, it’s 8am already? I haven’t even had a proper sleep. Snooze alarm and drops phone. 2minutes later beeps. Arghh who is this person. Mom? Okay I have to pick this. Hello! Mummy good evening(Nigerian time) . Adiaha mummy, as I’m fondly called by my parents, Are you still in bed? What is the time now? Are you not going to work today? You better wake up and go get ready for work. Anyway please try to reach the banker he cannot reach you and it is very important (of course it is, thinking to myself). Hello! Are you still on the call? Hello! Hello! Clears throat. Mummy I’m going to call him immediately I hang up. Let me try to get ready and start my day. Hello! Hello! Mummy can you hear me? Sighs, Nigerian network, call hangs. This country needs to work on so many things. I dropped my phone on the bed side table and fell asleep again.

One Hour later!!!

Jesus! What!! it’s already 9:00am. How did this happen. I jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. There is definitely no slay whatsoever for me today. I managed to get ready in about 30minutes, picked up my handbag and lap coat, put my hair in a bun, grabbed my jacket and rushed out of the door. I need to do better this year man! My first stop, McDonald’s for my signature two for five dollar Mc griddle and coffee. Breakfast covered. I managed to get to the hospital on time. Hey Abby, your late today. I was not having none of that so I walked past him as fast as I could. I scrubbed in for two surgeries , saw a couple of patients and was getting ready to leave when Rasheed creeped up behind me. I think I have told you several times to stop doing that, it’s creepy. Sorry Abby. What are you doing tonight? it’s Friday. Ummm I got a couple of things to handle ( my favorite line). Can we have drinks later tonight? Haha that’s a good idea. I will give you an update later. I gotta go now. Make sure you call me okay? I will Rash. I literally ran out trying to avoid anymore conversations with him because he just doesn’t get it. So I’m here in the car, thinking to myself, if I hit the road now, I’m definitely going to be caught in traffic so I rather spend the next 20 minutes in my car… doing what?

Quiet thoughts, it’s a new year already. I have so much to achieve this year. Life can be hectic. Between work, family, friends- you name it. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. It seems like we’re always playing catch up and our schedules, to-do list and obligations run our lives and not us. And the holiday only adds fuel to the fire! And if we are not careful, we fall into the trap of living reactive lives instead of proactively determining the lives we want to lead. This year I’m taking the bull by the horn and getting my goals. I’ve been doing a good job of reflecting on my life and the past year, evaluating where I’m at, and I’m setting a plan in motion to get to where I want to be both in my personal life and professionally. This year I have a whole lot to achieve and it starts right about now, today. Procrastination is the killer of time and success. Ask yourself simple, pertinent questions like

1) where do you want to be professionally in 1,5,and 10years

2)where were you at a year ago? Where are you today

3)Evaluate the trend line over the last year

4) Develop a SMART plan

5)Seek help and support if need be.

I have gone through this series of questions time without number and for me it’s mostly the week between Christmas and New year. I know what I want to achieve and where I want to be and I am taking the necessary steps to get there. Now is the time to plan for 2019. Don’t let it slip by and be another year that just ‘happens’ to you. Make it the year you want it to be. Okay… looks like I have spent half an hour reflecting and I’m ready to hit the road now. If I’m in a good mood, I would probably hit Rasheed up for those drinks, nobody says no to free drinks but try not to forget your wallet to avoid stories that touch haha! See you guys in my next post and if you have tips you would like to share around reflection and goal setting, share it in the comments below. ❤️


IMG_0385Been sitting in this car starring out the window, lost in thought. Wow, can’t believe an hour has just gone by. It’s awfully Hot outside In Chicago at this time of the year. Hmm, California street isn’t bad tho ” Thinking Out Loud”, but Boy! How many abandoned buildings.  Feels good to see everybody going about their regular activities, I cannot help but wander what Repressed issues they are dealing with. Continue reading “FORGETTING JUNE”

Current Routine and Beauty Products; Oily/Combination Skin

Hey beautiful people. It’s been really quiet around here I know. Your girl has been BUSY but I’m back now. I’m going to go straight to the topic because I’m not about to type this all day. I’ve been using this products for 3months now except curology which is just one month. Initially I got it because winter was approaching and you know how this weather can make your skin dry. At the time I was also having severe breakouts and I didn’t know exactly what induced it. I literally took a break from all products until this baby arrived and I was shit-scared at first but after the first month I started seeing results. Continue reading “Current Routine and Beauty Products; Oily/Combination Skin”